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Fields of Gold – Live cover

Fields of Gold - Cover by Martine Fleming

Here’s the 3rd cover in our ‘Live covers’ series. This time the great song ‘Fields of Gold’ by Sting performed by Eva Cassidy.

The Police and Sting
I’ve loved Sting’s music for as long as I can remember. As a child of I think about 12 or 13 years old, I listened a lot to The Police, the band of which Sting was the lead singer at the time. Back then everything went with a cassette tape on my stereo, which I was sooo happy with. All days I sat in my room listening to music, playing tapes, singing along, rewinding and forwards to my favorite songs. Completely in my own world. Nice memories!

My Favorite: Fields of Gold
This week I looked up some of those songs again. ‘Roxanne’, ‘Message in a Bottle’, ‘Walking on the Moon’ and ‘Every Breath You Take’. I still enjoy hearing them and even now I can still sing along to parts of the lyrics, because I played them so much back then. I also think the songs of Sting as a solo artist are great and I still listen to those songs a lot. Fields of Gold is really one of my favorites.

Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy 
When I once heard Eva Cassidy’s performance of this song, I was impressed. Eva Cassidy was a fantastic singer, who covered several famous songs in a beautiful way, with a very own interpretation, very inspiring.

Watch the live cover

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So for me every reason to do a live cover song of this beautiful song in this beautiful performance, again under the fantastic accompaniment of Ton Snijders in his nice studio.

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